What is Payment Gateway? how does it works :

What is Payment Gateway?  The function of payment gateway is to take money from various sources and transfer them to the merchant’s account.  For this, customers get to choose from various options for online payment, such as credit card, debit card, net banking, digital wallet, etc.  The payment gateway then securely encrypts the financial information … Read more

What is IP Address?

What is IP Address?  IP Address whose full form is “Internet Protocol Address”.  IP Address is a set or group of rules.  Its function is to control communication between devices through the network.  That is, first it identifies the device on the network.  After this the data is sent or received between them.  Whenever data … Read more

What is Google Keep?and some features of Google Keep :

What is Google Keep?  Google Keep is an application that is very similar to a digital notebook.  In this we can write any type of important information and save it.  Meaning, Google Keep is also capable of safely saving some of your important notes, articles, blogs, photos, videos.  Apart from this, you can also enjoy … Read more

What is Google Word Coach? and how to open Google Word Coach game?

What is Google Word Coach?  As we all know that Google is becoming smarter day by day.  Its new game Google Word Coach is helping users to expand their English language and vocabulary in a very fun way.  Very few people know about this game.  This fun game appears in Google’s search engine.  This game … Read more

What is PESTLE analysis?  Definition, Template, Analysis and Examples

Do you want to know what is PESTLE analysis?  Do you want to see and understand the Definitions, Templates, Analysis and Examples of PESTLE analysis?  If yes, then Al is at the right place.  We will give you all the information you need related to pest analysis.  Gradually the meaning of doing business and its … Read more

What is CRM? and some benefits of CRM :

What is CRM?  The full form of CRM is Customer Relationship Management and it is a software system with the help of which you can manage relationships with your clients.  With the help of this software, you can provide better service to your customers through time management.  In earlier times, the biggest problem of businesses … Read more

what is hard disk ? and Advantages of hard disk  :

what is hard disk ?  Hard Disk is that part of the computer in which data and programs are stored permanently.  It is also called non-volatile memory as well as magnetic storage device.  Hard disk saves our personal data on permanent or daily basis.  The data on the hard disk remains saved even after the … Read more

what is nano technology? Benefits and Uses Of nano technology :

what is nano technology? Nano is a Greek word, which literally means tiny, small or dwarf and nano is a substance that is made up of extremely tiny sized elements.  That is, this technology is an applied science in which work is done on particles smaller than 100 nanometers.  Nanotechnology is the engineering of molecules … Read more

What is computer programming? what is programming language ?

Introduction : Programming language is a medium through which the user gives instructions to the computer to work.  Based on the same instructions, the data is executed and then its output is obtained.  A programming language contains many instructions.  If the instructions are written well in the program then the computer will give correct and … Read more

What is technology?, types and benefits of technology :

What is technology?  Technology is also called technology in Hindi.  When we use scientific knowledge to do any work in our daily life or in any industry, then it is called technology.  That is, when we use science or scientific knowledge to do any of our work, we are using technology.  To use technology, we … Read more

What are URLs? 

What are URLs?   Uniform resource locator (URL), also known as universal resource locator.  Its main function is to locate and access resources (webpages, videos, images, text tutorials) on the Internet or a protocol used to access these resources.  It indicates the location of a web resource, such as the location of a web page of … Read more

What is blogging? How to start blogging?

What is blogging?  web log, which is called Blog in short form, which is actually a web page where the contents or blog posts written by the blogger are published every day. If you want to start blogging then you should know content writing so that you can increase your  Can explain thoughts or answers … Read more

What is WhatsApp Web? How to use WhatsApp Web?

What is WhatsApp Web?  WhatsApp Web is a feature of WhatsApp Messenger or you can say it is the Desktop Version.  Using this, you can use your WhatsApp on your desktop, laptop or any other mobile.  WhatsApp Web was launched by WhatsApp in January 2015.  The objective of Wahtsapp company behind starting it was that … Read more

How to get Latest Paytm Promo Code?  how to get promo code :

 Do you use PAYTM or any such e-commerce websites for mobile recharge, bill payment, movie tickets, online transaction, shopping etc.  So this post is only for you.  Because here I am going to tell you about such codes, using which you can avail many benefits.  Today we will tell you about where to get these … Read more

What is EPABX system? And Why this system used?

What is EPABX system?  An EPABX (Epabx/Pbx) is an electronic device that acts as your personal telephone exchange.  Just as a public telephone exchange is for the general public, and provides its services to the public by connecting different buildings, homes or areas, EPABX/Intercom systems are designed to provide services to individual homes, buildings or … Read more

What is DHCP? And how does it works ?

To connect different devices in any computer network and make their connection, it is necessary to enter IP address in the device, and only after this communication can be established between the devices, that is, it is a unique address which is unique in any network.  It is completely different for every device.  We can … Read more

What is ERP ?

What is ERP?  The full form of ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning, that is, in a large size business, how to use the resources in a planned manner, this can be made possible through ERP.  Through ERP, all the business processes like Finance, HR, Planning, Manufacturing, Maintenance, Supply and Accounts etc. are integrated into one … Read more

Why is ethical hacking needed? And What are the attack techniques of ethical hacking.

Why is ethical hacking needed?  If you are wondering why there is a need for ethical hacking and ethical hackers, then let us tell you that today’s time is completely based on digital and internet technology, in such a situation, data and information are very important in every big organization.  Is important.  In today’s time, … Read more

What is e-sports? Future of e-sports in India ?

E-sports are completely electronic sports, these are such competitive games which we play on various electronic devices like computers with the help of internet, meaning in a way, e-sports are such competitive games which are played in electronic environment like  Online games, which are played on electronic devices like computers, also require physical and mental effort like normal sports.

Types of SSL Certificate :

Types of SSL Certificate :  There are several types of SSL certificates available to meet different needs: Single-Domain SSL Certificates :  Single-Domain SSL Certificates, as the name suggests, can only be applied to a single domain or a sub-domain, which means that if it is applied to a domain, it is required to secure the … Read more

What is SSL? How does it works .

What is SSL?  SSL, short for Secure Sockets Layer, is an encryption-based Internet protocol used for encryption of web-based applications.  It provides an encrypted connection that protects sensitive data from being intercepted or tampered with during transmission.  In simple words, SSL encrypts the connection between the web server and the browser to keep the data … Read more

What is Initial Coin Offering ? and how does it works

What is Initial Coin Offering ?  ICOs are used as an alternative to crowd funding to issue a new cryptocurrency.  Whenever money is raised through crowd funding for any crypto currency, in that process the company provides a token in place of shares or shares in the company to its investors who have helped the … Read more

Advantages , Disadvantages and future of ICO :

ICOs can be divided into different types.  For project funding in ICO, there can be a fixed limit of time or target which cannot be changed.  Alternatively, each token in an ICO is given a pre-fixed price which is never changed during the ICO period.