What are URLs? 

What are URLs?   Uniform resource locator (URL), also known as universal resource locator.  Its main function is to locate and access resources (webpages, videos, images, text tutorials) on the Internet or a protocol used to access these resources.  It indicates the location of a web resource, such as the location of a web page of … Read more

What is blogging? How to start blogging?

What is blogging?  web log, which is called Blog in short form, which is actually a web page where the contents or blog posts written by the blogger are published every day. If you want to start blogging then you should know content writing so that you can increase your  Can explain thoughts or answers … Read more

What is WhatsApp Web? How to use WhatsApp Web?

What is WhatsApp Web?  WhatsApp Web is a feature of WhatsApp Messenger or you can say it is the Desktop Version.  Using this, you can use your WhatsApp on your desktop, laptop or any other mobile.  WhatsApp Web was launched by WhatsApp in January 2015.  The objective of Wahtsapp company behind starting it was that … Read more

How to get Latest Paytm Promo Code?  how to get promo code :

 Do you use PAYTM or any such e-commerce websites for mobile recharge, bill payment, movie tickets, online transaction, shopping etc.  So this post is only for you.  Because here I am going to tell you about such codes, using which you can avail many benefits.  Today we will tell you about where to get these … Read more

What is EPABX system? And Why this system used?

What is EPABX system?  An EPABX (Epabx/Pbx) is an electronic device that acts as your personal telephone exchange.  Just as a public telephone exchange is for the general public, and provides its services to the public by connecting different buildings, homes or areas, EPABX/Intercom systems are designed to provide services to individual homes, buildings or … Read more