what is hard disk ? and Advantages of hard disk  :

what is hard disk ?  Hard Disk is that part of the computer in which data and programs are stored permanently.  It is also called non-volatile memory as well as magnetic storage device.  Hard disk saves our personal data on permanent or daily basis.  The data on the hard disk remains saved even after the … Read more

what is nano technology? Benefits and Uses Of nano technology :

what is nano technology? Nano is a Greek word, which literally means tiny, small or dwarf and nano is a substance that is made up of extremely tiny sized elements.  That is, this technology is an applied science in which work is done on particles smaller than 100 nanometers.  Nanotechnology is the engineering of molecules … Read more

What is computer programming? what is programming language ?

Introduction : Programming language is a medium through which the user gives instructions to the computer to work.  Based on the same instructions, the data is executed and then its output is obtained.  A programming language contains many instructions.  If the instructions are written well in the program then the computer will give correct and … Read more

What is technology?, types and benefits of technology :

What is technology?  Technology is also called technology in Hindi.  When we use scientific knowledge to do any work in our daily life or in any industry, then it is called technology.  That is, when we use science or scientific knowledge to do any of our work, we are using technology.  To use technology, we … Read more