Advantages , Disadvantages and future of ICO :

Types of ICO :

 ICOs can be divided into different types.  For project funding in ICO, there can be a fixed limit of time or target which cannot be changed.  Alternatively, each token in an ICO is given a pre-fixed price which is never changed during the ICO period.

 In this case the token supply is kept permanent.  It includes a moving money target.  In this case token distribution is done according to the funding received.  If your project gets more funding, the value of the token increases.  This helps the company to raise more funding.

Advantages and Disadvantages of ICO :

 ICO has many benefits.  Just as bad things are always associated with every good thing, similarly along with its advantages, ICO also has some disadvantages. Let us know the advantages and disadvantages of ICO.

 Advantages of ICO  :

 The main and best advantage of ICO is that through it the companies which are looking for investors get people to invest.  This benefit is also for those who invest in it.  Investors can easily invest in ICO.  ICO is open to everyone for investment.  Any person can invest in it.

 Whenever the project is launched, tokens can be purchased at a low price.  Their value increases significantly after the project is successful.  And then by selling them you can earn a lot of money.

 Liquidity in ICO tokens is the reason why they are so popular.  Liquidity in tokens and transparency in financial matters make it better than traditional investment schemes.

 Disadvantages of ICO  :

ICO not only has advantages, it also has some disadvantages.  The liquidity provided in tokens has its place, but before investing in it, you should have complete information about the project and if you invest without complete information, you may have to bear huge losses.

 Because if the project is not successful then you have to decide what will happen to your money.  Therefore, first get complete information.

 Seeing its popularity, nowadays many companies are committing fraud in the name of ICO.  She runs away with the invested money.  Therefore, before investing, gather complete information about the company and invest money only when you feel everything is right.

 The volatility of tokens is also a discussed topic in ICOs.  If a token is doing well today then who knows, its price may go down in future.  It is possible for this to happen, there are many things that can cause this to happen.  Therefore the volatility of the token cannot be sidelined while investing.

The future of ICO :

 Looking at the way ICO has gained so much popularity in such a short time, it seems that this method of investing and raising funds is going to remain in the market for a long time.  The increasing confidence of people towards it and the increased offerings seem to indicate this.

 It would be too early to say anything about ICO right now, but according to the current trend, it is a plan that goes a long way.

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