What is Batch File?

What is Batch File?

 A batch is a simple script file in which a series of commands is written.  Batch file is executed by command interpreter on computer system.  Batch files are commonly used on Windows operating systems to run tasks automatically, to run repetitive tasks, or to run complex tasks.  Batch files are used to run simple tasks such as creating and copying files, directories, and complex tasks such as running conditional statements and loops.

What are the benefits of using Batch File?

 In Windows operating system, various types of tasks like loading programs, performing tasks done automatically and changing system settings are done using Batch File.  By using batch files in the system, time and effort can be reduced to a great extent.

 With Batch File, many commands can be run simultaneously in the system automatically.

 The user can run simple and complex tasks simultaneously in a batch file.

 Can use batch file to troubleshoot and diagnose the system.

 Tasks like network configuration and system configuration can be easily done with batch files.

 Websites and applications can be easily launched with the help of batch files in the system.

Basic Commands of Batch File :

 If you want to create a simple batch file or script, then for this you need to know about its basic commands.

 @ECHO OFF: Echo is used in batch file to display a message to the user.  As the user runs the batch file, a message is displayed on the screen.

 Title: Command is the text that appears at the top of Windows.

 Pause: Command is used after the command has been run to stop the batch file.  If you do not use this command, the command will automatically stop after execution.

How to Run Batch File :

 The batch file created by you can be used in many ways like Command Prompt, double clicking on Batch File (gear icon), Task Scheduler, System Startup etc.

 Run Batch File from File Explorer

 Open the batch file folder using File Explorer.

 Double click on the file. If you do not have sufficient system permissions then right click on the file and Run As administrator.

 Run Batch File from Command Prompt

 Open Command Prompt with Administrator permissions in Windows computer.

 With the help of Change Directory (CD) command, go to the directory where the batch file is stored.

 Then type the command name of the file with or without the .bat extension and press Enter.

 Batch file is very useful for computer users so that many tasks can be done very easily.  Before using a batch file in the computer, it is necessary to check it properly because a hacker or attacker can add scripts to the batch file available on the internet to hack the system.  Therefore, before using the batch file, use it only after checking it properly.

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