What is blogging? How to start blogging?

What is blogging?

 web log, which is called Blog in short form, which is actually a web page where the contents or blog posts written by the blogger are published every day. If you want to start blogging then you should know content writing so that you can increase your  Can explain thoughts or answers to others’ questions by writing them.

 After setting up any blog, the owner of the website/blog has complete control over it. Creating a blog, publishing posts on it every day and designing it well is called blogging.

 To write a post on the blog, the blogger does keyword research so that he can write a good SEO friendly post.  Where he can use each keyword and related keyword properly.

How to start blogging?

 I hope now you have understood what a blog is.  Let us now know what you need to have to start blogging?

 To start blogging, you must have a mobile, computer or laptop.  Along with this, you should also have internet connection.

 You must have heard many people saying that I do not have a computer/laptop, I only have a mobile.  I can’t start blogging.

 But I would like to tell you that at present there are many people who are doing good blogging using their mobile and are also earning money from it.

 Although I also sometimes use my mobile for blogging, but I have a laptop so I do most of my work on it.

 But whenever I have to go out somewhere, I also do all my work through mobile.  So stop making excuses like others.  You may face some problems in the beginning, but gradually you will solve this problem also.

How to choose topic for blogging?

 Starting a blog is not that difficult.  As difficult as it is to know which niche you are more passionate about.

 It has been seen many times that people start their blogs after watching others.  But later they have to face a lot of problems.

Therefore, if you have also made up your mind, then first of all you have to find out in which subject you are or can be an expert. That means, first of all you have to find out which is the topic about which you can explain to people well.

 I am saying this with so much emphasis because I too had started blogging for the first time.  So I also started writing keeping in mind the topics of others.

 But after some time you started getting bored, so that this does not happen to you, first of all you should find out which subject you are passionate about.

 The topic (niche) can be anything, so don’t worry about it.  If you feel that there is not that much scope in this niche, then you can search on Google and see whether anyone else is writing on the topic you have selected or not?

Choose a platform to start a blog :

 You have got the information about what blogging is and how to start it.

 To start blogging you will need a platform.  From where you can start your blogging journey.  In today’s time, the best way to start blogging is Google’s Blogger and the second most popular CMS (Content Management Service) is WordPress.

 Many people know that a blog (Blogger.com) can be created on Google.  But very few people know that a blog can be created for free on WordPress also.

 Although WordPress is popular in the world for its Paid Platform.  Where both hosting and domain have to be taken.

 If you are going to start blogging for the first time then my advice would be that you start with a free platform.  So that you get a good idea of what a blog is and how it works.  And here you neither need to buy hosting nor a domain.

How to earn income from blog?

 To earn income from the blog, bloggers mostly use Google Adsense. This is a service of Google which is managed by Adsense.

 It is approved only for blogs and YouTube channels. In such a situation, if you have content writing skills then you can earn money through Adsense. Now you too must be thinking that how to create a money earning blog?

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