What is Cloud ? , Benefits of Cloud Computing, history of Cloud Computing And more .

What is cloud?

 Talking about Cloud, it is a design of a large interconnected network of servers which is designed to deliver computer resources.  And there is no concept of exact location as to where the data is coming from and where it is going.

 If I say in simple language, if a user uses it then he will feel that he is using a huge formless computing power in which the user can do everything from his email to mapping of mobile application as per his need. In the language of business, there is no such thing by saying “The Cloud”.  Cloud Computing is a collection of licensed services that are provided by different vendors.

 Cloud Service replaces technology management and technology acquisition with different products and these products are managed from some other place and one thing is that they remain active only when it is needed.

Characteristics and Benefits of Cloud Computing :

 If seen, there are many attractive benefits of Cloud Computing which are very useful for businesses and people.  There are 5 main benefits of cloud computing:

Self-service provisioning: End users can do any work as per their need which they need most.  This eliminates the need for the traditional IT administrators who previously managed and provisioned your compute resources.

Elasticity: Companies can increase and earn computing according to their needs.  The advantage of this is that earlier there was a lot of investment in local infrastructure, now it has stopped completely, this benefits the companies a lot.

 Pay per use: Compute resources are measured at a granular level.  So that users have to pay only for those resources and workloads that they use.

 Workload resilience: Cloud service providers often use redundant resources so that they can achieve resilient storage and keep the important work of users running in multiple global regions.

 Migration Flexibility: Organization can transfer some workload from one cloud platform to another as per their need, that too without any hassle and automatically, which also saves money.

History of cloud computing :

 If we talk about Cloud computing in Hindi, it was born around the 1960s.  When the computer industry accepted computing as a service or utility based on its potential benefits.  But earlier computing was lacking in both connectivity and bandwidth, due to which it was not possible to implement computing as a utility.

 This was not possible until Internet bandwidth became available on a large scale in 1990.  After which it became possible to think of computing as a service.

 In 1990, Salesforce successfully implemented enterprise SaaS commercially for the first time.  After which AWS did it in 2002, which provided many services like online storage, machine learning, computation.

 Today, there are many small and big providers like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, which in collaboration with AWS are providing cloud-based services to other individuals, small businesses and global enterprises.

 Types of Cloud Computing :

 Cloud computing can be mainly divided into three parts which are: IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

 Cloud Computing Models :

 1) Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

 These services are self-service models that are used to monitor, access and manage the infrastructure from a remote location.

 Examples – Servers, Firewalls, Routers, CDN

 2) Platform as a service (PaaS)

 It offers a line of self-service modules for software developers to manage computing infrastructure from centralized IT operations.

 Examples – Email services: Gmail, Outlook.com

 3) Software as a service (SaaS)

 SaaS accesses the web to deliver applications that are managed by third-party vendors and whose user interface is accessible only from the client side.

 Application Building: Google App Engine, SAP Hana, Cloud Foundry

Examples of Cloud Computing :

  • Cloud Computing has changed the entire computing industry.  It has completely changed the look of businesses and also the IT infrastructure.  It provides many benefits for Hardware and Software which seemed completely impossible a few years ago.
  • Now a virtual machine only needs a few minutes to run.  Cloud Computing has changed the perspective of companies and businesses.  This has now become everyone’s first choice because if someone does business with proper planning, strategy and proper budget, he will definitely get success.

 And scientists are doing more and more research to make it even better.

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