What is CRM? and some benefits of CRM :

What is CRM?

 The full form of CRM is Customer Relationship Management and it is a software system with the help of which you can manage relationships with your clients.  With the help of this software, you can provide better service to your customers through time management.

 In earlier times, the biggest problem of businesses was that it was very difficult to manage relationships with their customers.  This is because at that time everything was managed through traditional methods.  At that time technology was not that good due to which everything was done on pen and paper.  But, with the advent of software like CRM, things have become easier now.

What is the function of CRM system?

 Now that you know the full form of CRM, it is important that you know how it works.  So let us understand this in detail:

 You must be understanding that maintaining customer relationships is very important in any business.  This is the basic work of any organization.  In such a situation, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) comes in handy.  It makes the entire process very easy and is many times better than other tools like Spreadsheet, inboxes, etc.

 If you are a small business and have hundreds of contacts, then how long will you remain dependent on these traditional methods?  Besides, managing customer relationship with the help of spreadsheet is a big headache.  You should switch to CRM software now.

 1. Spreadsheet

 With the help of Spreadsheet you can track only these things:

  •  Name
  •  E-mail
  •  customer address
  •  Website
  •  phone number
  •  the day the purchase was made
  •  type of buyer

 2. CRM software

 If you use CRM software instead of spreadsheets, you can track these things:

 All details related to customer

  •  company size
  •  notes history
  •  current sales pipeline stage
  •  Lead Scores
  •  Contact title

 So in this way you saw that with the help of CRM you can manage and track more things.  That’s why you should use CRM.  It is cost effective and can be used even by small scale businesses.

Benefits of CRM :

 Above I have told you briefly what are the benefits of CRM but now let us know about its importance in detail:

 1. Information about your customer :

 The best thing about any Customer Relationship Management Software is that with its help you can store and track your customer information.  You can store not only a customer’s name, number, address, email, website but also what language they speak, when is their birthday, etc.

 Its biggest advantage is in communication.  This gives you an opportunity to know about your customer and you also get to know what your customer wants.  This helps in sales growth.  This also helps a lot in lead generation.

 2. It classifies the data present :

 The best thing about a good CRM software is that it also shows you specific data.  You can run a separate campaign for a specific customer and track it.  You have a lot of data about your customers, which is very important to categorize.

 I already told you that with the help of a CRM software, you are able to store every information of your clients.  In such a situation, it is easy to run a specific campaign for a particular client.  You are knowing very well about that person, what he wants, why he wants it and how he wants it.

 After having so much information, you can use many tactics to convert them into customers through account specific or client specific campaigns.  Overall, this is lead generation, the link of which is given above, which you can understand by reading.

 3. Good Customer Retention :

 The next benefit you will get is that you will always be connected with your existing customers and will be able to keep them happy.  With the help of CRM, you can reach new customers, attract them and motivate them to buy your product/service.  But, if you are not paying attention to your existing customers then you are doing wrong.

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