What is e-sports? Future of e-sports in India ?

What is e-sports?

 E-sports are completely electronic sports, these are such competitive games which we play on various electronic devices like computers with the help of internet, meaning in a way, e-sports are such competitive games which are played in electronic environment like  Online games, which are played on electronic devices like computers, also require physical and mental effort like normal sports.

 Just as selling or buying goods for the purpose of earning money is called commerce and in the same way, selling or buying goods online with the help of internet for the purpose of earning money is called e-commerce, something similar is with e-sports too, Competitive  Physical games like Kabaddi, Football, Cricket are called sports, similarly competitive online games or games played through electronic devices are called e-sports.

 E sports in India :

 Even today, e-sports is a very new name in India because the people here do not have much faith in the gaming industry, but still if we look at the growth of the last few years, people here have started adopting e-sports very fast.  Adopted and today’s young generation is also interested in it, that is why YouTube videos of Video Gaming are going viral very fast.

 In the last few years, a lot of e-sports were being played in India and even today it is being played, now its growth is happening a little slowly but recently MeitY i.e. Ministry of Electronic & Information Technology (Govt India) has now banned e-sports.  Has also been included in the category of sports.

History of e-sports :

 If we talk about the history of e-sports, it is quite old, even if this word still seems new to you, it started in 1972. At that time, a competition of a video game called Spacewar was organized and the top players of that competition.  The prize was a 1-year subscription to Rolling Stone, and that’s how it all started.

 After which, in 1974, Sega, a video game company, organized E Sports Tournament in Japan which was based on Arcade video games, and this is how e Sports started and today’s time is such that E Sports  It is a billion dollar industry and recently in India also Meity has now recognized e-sports as a sport.

What is e-sports tournament?

 Just as tournaments of sports like Hockey, Badminton, Football etc. are organized on a very large level in which many big brands also contribute, in the same way e-sports games like League of Legends, Fortnite, Dota 2 etc.  Tournaments are organized on a large level.

 In which many big brands also contribute and these tournaments are called E Sports Tournaments, the biggest E Sports Tournament till date was based on Dota 2 Video Game which was organized recently, it is of international level.  There was an E Sports Tournament whose top price was 40 million dollars.

5 most popular games of e-sports :

 Although many online competitive games are included in e-sports, but there are some competitive video games which are very popular in e-sports, tournaments worth crores of rupees are organized, all of which I have mentioned below:-

 1. Dota 2


3. League Of Legends

4.Counter Strike Global Offensive

5. PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds

What is the future of e-sports?

 To understand the future of e-sports, we have to understand its overall growth, in the last few years the growth of e-sports has increased significantly because many big countries have recognized it as a sport, its tournaments are also held today.  During this time, events are organized with lakhs of winning prizes.

 In all the tournaments in which more than one big company contributes, in today’s time e-sports is a billion dollar industry, it has become so popular only because of the internet, hence the internet is progressing even faster.  More and more things are coming on the internet.

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