What is EPABX system? And Why this system used?

What is EPABX system?

 An EPABX (Epabx/Pbx) is an electronic device that acts as your personal telephone exchange.  Just as a public telephone exchange is for the general public, and provides its services to the public by connecting different buildings, homes or areas, EPABX/Intercom systems are designed to provide services to individual homes, buildings or offices for mutual communication.  Is used in.

What is the full form of EPABX?

 The full form of EPABX is Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange.

Why is the EPABX system used?

 Just as there are many departments in a building like hotel, school, office etc., each department is connected to the EPABX system, that is, phone facility is provided in every department, so that the staff can communicate with each other.  Could be easy.

 Not only this, in the EPABX system one can also talk to the outside world through a telephone line, and more than one telephone line can also be connected to the system.

 EPABX has many other features like call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, conferencing, voicemail etc. which can be used as per the requirement.

 Suppose if there are five departments in an office, then the staff has to talk to each other several times every day, so it is not possible to contact each other on mobile every time, hence EPABX system is installed for ease.

 In this, every department is given an extension (Ext) number, like 120, 200 etc., that is, by dialing the extension number one can talk instantly, along with many facilities like call forward, conference, call holding etc. to make the work easier.  Makes it.

How is the EPABX system installed?

 To install the EPABX system, first of all the device is placed in the server room i.e. office or at a place in the house where power sockets and internet connection are available.

 In the installation of an EPABX system, cables are inserted for each telephone connection, usually 2 pair or 4 pair.  After this, one end of the cable is connected to the telephone and the other to the EPABX.

 Finally, after the physical connection is made, the EPABX system is programmed, which includes allotting extension numbers to each phone, setting up incoming and outgoing calls, call forwarding, call waiting, and so on.  is setup.

How much does it cost to install an EPABX system?

 EPABX systems are purchased as per the user’s needs, available in 8 extensions, 16, 32, 64 or more extensions.  While in small offices or homes, generally only 4 to 8 phone connections are required, in call centers or societies, the devices are customized according to many more points.

 If we talk about EPABX system with 8 extensions, then if you go for a local brand, it will cost between 8 to 12 thousand, whereas in a good brand like Penasonic or NEC, it will cost between 18 thousand to 20 thousand. Apart from the EPABX device, you have to buy a phone set, where the cheapest phone set is available for Rs 500 in brands like Penasonic, Beetal.

 Apart from this, if you want to get the work done properly, then the cost of the MDF Box, connector which comes to 800 to 1000 rupees for 8 extensions, and then finally the cost of installation goes up to 1500 rupees per 8 extensions.

Benefits of installing EPABX system :

  • Internal communication becomes much easier.
  • A call can be made immediately.
  • Gets rid of the problem of not getting signal.
  • Auto Attendant can be used using IVR system.
  • Incoming and outgoing call monitoring can be done.
  • Productivity gets boosted.

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