What is ethical hacking? and its advantage .

What is hacking?

 Before understanding ethical hacking, it is important for us to understand about hacking because only according to this we can understand ethical hacking.  So let us tell you that hacking is a process under which the shortcomings of any type of electronic gadget are identified and such attacks are carried out on it.

 So that that electronic gadget can be accessed without the permission of the owner.  With the help of which he can get all the data and information present in that electronic gadget and which he can use to carry out any of his work. It is a type of Illegal Activities if it is being used to do any wrong work and accessing personal data and information without the permission of the owner is also a type of hacking.

What is ethical hacking?

 This is a kind of proactive form of information security, we can also call it Penetration Testing, under this the system is hacked with the permission of the owner so that the security shortcomings present in the system can be identified and improved.

 Let us tell you that ethical hacking is a process under which the shortcomings of any kind of electronic gadget like computer, smartphone, camera etc. are identified and improved, with the help of which a hacker can hack these electronic gadgets.  So that the system remains secure and the data and information present in the system remains safe.

 If we understand it in simple language, then it is a process with the help of which all types of weaknesses present in the system are found due to which the system is likely to be hacked, so that future hacking attacks can be avoided and the system can be protected.  And the information and data present in the system can be kept safe.

 Ethical hacking is a type of legal way of hacking, under which we hack the system so that we can know about the shortcomings of the system and we improve it so that hackers cannot hack the system.  If we understand ethical hacking in one line, then ethical hacking is a process with the help of which security is provided to the system.

What is an ethical hacker?

 This is a person who knows all the terms related to hacking and has all the information related to cyber security, which he does not use to harm someone’s system by hacking it, but by hacking the system, he  We find out the weaknesses present in its system so that no black hat hacker can hack the system and the system remains completely safe.

Types of Ethical hacking –

 Just as there are different types of engineering, similarly there are different types of ethical hacking which are as follows –

  • web application hacking
  • system hacking
  • web server hacking
  • wireless network hacking
  • social engineering

Advantages of ethical hacking :

 If any person learns ethical hacking, then there are various benefits of ethical hacking for him which are as follows –

  • When a person learns ethical hacking, he gets knowledge about the Internet and programming which helps him in understanding computer software technology.
  • In recent times, there is a good demand for people with ethical hacking skills because all types of organizations, big and small, are coming online due to which there are more job opportunities in ethical hacking.
  • By learning ethical hacking, we come to know about the rules of internet and computer security, due to which we are able to use the internet computer safely and how to provide security to the data.
  • This provides information about hacking terms and cyber security, so that when a hacker attacks your system, you can easily identify his attack technique and save your system from getting hacked.
  • With this, you can easily understand the vulnerabilities of any organization and inform them about it, in return big organizations like Google, Microsoft etc. provide a good package.

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