What is Google Keep?and some features of Google Keep :

What is Google Keep?

 Google Keep is an application that is very similar to a digital notebook.  In this we can write any type of important information and save it.  Meaning, Google Keep is also capable of safely saving some of your important notes, articles, blogs, photos, videos.  Apart from this, you can also enjoy facilities like reminder, voice note etc.  Google Keep was launched by Google in the month of March 2013.  This is a completely free service and we can easily use Google Keep on any device, be it laptop, computer, mobile, tablet etc.  Friends, you must have often noticed that it is not easy to save notes in simple notepad software.  Meaning, in case of device failure, all your important notes get deleted, but Google Keep is completely different from this.  In this you have to login with Google account and after that you can use it on any device whenever you want, wherever you want.  In Google Keep you also get the option to share.  It is also updated from time to time by Google and currently many features have been added to it.

What are the features of Google Keep?

 The features of Google Keep are as follows-

 1. Text Note – You can note text in Google Keep.

 2. Checklist – Checklist like facility is available in Google Keep.

3. Add Image – You can add images to Google Keep.

4. Take Photo – Through Take Photo you can capture a photo with your mobile camera.

 5. Drawing – Through this option you can create a drawing in Google Keep.

 6. Recording – Voice can be recorded through this.

 7. Archive – Through this option you can hide notes from anyone.

 8. Create new label – Friends, through this option you can create a new level.

 9. Show Formatting Controls – Through this option you can edit the text.

 10. Background Options – Through background options you can add a new theme or color to the background.

How to use Google Keep on computer?

 Following are some important points to use Google Keep in computer, let us know-

 • First of all, you have to open Google on your device and search for Google Keep and open it.

 • After that you will have to login with Gmail ID.

 • After completing the login process, you can use Google Keep in the form of a website on your computer.

How to make notes in Google Keep?

 Creating notes in Google Keep is very easy, let us know through the following-

 • Your friends have to open Google Keep.

 • After that you will have to click on the + option. After this a new page will open.

 • In this new page, you get the facility to write notes below it by adding Tittle.

 • You will also get many options on this page like plus option, background option, more option, reminder, to pin notes, archive etc.

 • Friends, now in the update of Google Keep, you will also get the option to edit the font.  Through which you can change the font as per your choice.

 • In this you do not need to save any notes, rather it has the facility to save automatically i.e. Autosave.

What are the benefits of Google Keep?

 You get many benefits from Google Keep. Let us know some special information through the following medium-

 1. It is possible to use Google Keep even without the need for internet.

 2. Even if your device crashes, your notes are not permanently deleted from Google Keep.

 3. You can save voice notes in Google Keep.

 4. You can also create a copy of the notes created in Google Keep in Google Docs.

 5. Through the Drawing option we can draw by hand.

 6. You can share notes with your friends through email ID through “Collaborator” option.

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