what is hard disk ? and Advantages of hard disk  :

what is hard disk ?

 Hard Disk is that part of the computer in which data and programs are stored permanently.  It is also called non-volatile memory as well as magnetic storage device.  Hard disk saves our personal data on permanent or daily basis.  The data on the hard disk remains saved even after the computer’s power is turned off.  Therefore, hard disk is also called secondary memory type storage device.

definition of hard disk :

 Hard disk is the one in which data, facts and information are stored permanently.  Hard Disk is also called a mechanical device.  Data is stored in it due to magnetism.

History of Hard Disk :

 The first hard disk was created by IBM (International Business Machines) company in 1956. Its storage capacity was 5MB and its weight was about 250 kg.  After that, in 1962, IBM Model 1311, a hard disk model, was created.

 Whose size was almost the same as a washing machine and it could store only about 20 lakh characters inside itself.  Then as technology progressed, some improvements started being made in these hard dicks.

 The size of these hard disks was also reduced and their capacity was increased.  According to today’s storage, you will find many types of hard drives available in the market which are very small in size and their storage capacity is also very high like 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB etc.

 types of hard disks :

 Hard disks come in 3 types-




How does a hard disk work?

Inside the hard disk, there is a round disk made of magnetic material called a platter, which has many small parts.  Data is stored in platters only.  One part stores only one bit because the information or data in the computer is stored in binary form.

 Data can be written and read only through hard disk.  When the platter rotates in the hard disk because there is a small device installed in the hard disk for writing and reading the data in the platter.  Whichwe call Read-Write Arm, only a small part of the platter remains below it, hence it is considered necessary for the platter to rotate.

Advantages of hard disk  :

 Some important advantages of hard disk are:

 Large Storage Capacity – Hard disks generally have large storage capacity, making it possible to store large and related data.

 Cost-Effective – Hard disks are cheaper than other storage options and are suitable for a wide range of populations.

 Durability and Security – Hard disks offer high durability and security, which keeps them safe from attacks, noise, and viruses.

 Network Storage – Network attached storage (NAS) options are available to share data between different network devices.

 Fast Data Access – Due to hard disks, users can access their data faster, which increases the speed of work.

 Various Form Factors – Hard disks of various form factors are available, giving users the freedom to choose as per their needs.

 Versatility – Hard disks can be adapted to various operating systems and user specific needs.

 Privacy and Data Security – Hard drives help in protecting personal and confidential data thereby increasing the security of personal information.

 Additional Security and Backup Options – Provides greater security and backup of data through customized software and hardware options.

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