what is OTP ? How does it works .

what is OTP ?

 In today’s time the world has become digital.  Where we used cash;  Nowadays we prefer to do online transactions and why not, it is more secure and we keep updating our transactions from time to time.  Whenever we transact online;  At that time you are asked for a security code which is 6 digits.

 Which we call in common language as One Time Password i.e. OTP which comes only in the registered mobiles of those who are doing their online transactions.  Due to which most of the people like it more;  Because it is considered quite safe.  You can complete your payment only after using OTP.  Without this you are not able to do online transactions. What is Paramedical course and how to do it.

What is OTP full form?

 Now first of all let us try to tell you what is the full form of OTP, then the full form of OTP is (One Time Password) and it comes on the mobile phone number i.e. inside the number of your SIM, we get OTP.  Get.

 Nowadays, it is mostly used while doing online transactions in net banking and if you use social media, then whenever you create a new ID, you will definitely be asked for OTP to confirm whether you are the right user or not. 

how many ways is OTP generated?

 Friends, first of all we want to tell you that look, the OTP is generated in three ways, I mean to say that your OTP is verified in three ways, first of all you get the OTP on your number and second.  On email and thirdly on voice call which I will tell you clearly below.

 1 Text SMS: Look, your mobile number is used in this, that is, in this, an OTP comes on your mobile number and it is verified through this and this is the most easy and popular.

 2. Email: After this, the most used OTP is through email, that is, OTP comes in your email and this option is there in every one, like if you login, this option is also there in it and do transaction.  It is used there also.

 3 Voice Call OTP: This is also popular but very few people use it and you will see the option of Voice Call OTP in very few things, although you have this option in big software like Google and Facebook and what happens in it is that  A call comes on your mobile number and OTP is mentioned in it and you have to enter the same OTP, after which it gets verified.

Where is OTP used?

  • Banking Transaction
  • Online Shopping
  • While creating social media account.
  • While logging in to any website
  • While taking online service
  • OTP is used in everything, like if you want to do anything online, you need OTP, if you want to upload a file in DIGI Locker, then OTP is also required while creating an account.  So you can understand how important OTP is for us.

What is the benefit of OTP ?

  • We all know that OTP has many benefits and this is because we get security in it and we remain safe from hackers and it proves to be very beneficial for us. Well, it has many benefits but we  We will tell you about some important benefits, some of which are as follows:-
  • This is a type of security code;  Even if your password is stolen while doing an online transaction or doing any online work, you still find your account safe;  Because without entering OTP no one can access anything of yours.
  • It helps in identifying the user;  Because it can be used only by those people who have a mobile number registered with their account.
  • We can enable double security through OTP;  So that we can feel more secure while using any account or social media.
  • The best thing is that we do not have to pay any money to use it, it provides free security to the user.
  • It identifies the correct users in seconds, which means it is very fast in terms of transaction and user identification.

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