What is Output Device ? types of Output Device .

What is Output Device  :

 Output is made up of two words, ‘Out’ and ‘Put’.  Here ‘Out’ means outside and ‘Put’ means to keep.  According to this, Output would mean keeping something out.  Output Device is a device which, after processing, displays the result of the instructions given by the Input Device of the computer.  It can present the output in the form of hard copy (Printer) or soft copy (Monitor).  These output devices are called output devices.

Types of outputs :

 There are different types of output devices in computer:-

  • monitor
  • printer
  • speaker
  • Projector
  • plotter
  • Headphones
  • touch screen
  • GPS
  • sound card
  • video card

1. Monitor :

 Monitor is an output device and along with it is also an important hardware component of the computer.  It is a video output device that declares the results, displays all the information or data received from the computer in the form of a soft copy on the monitor screen.  Monitor is also known as VDU (Visual Display Unit).

types of monitors :

  • Monochrome Monitor
  • Gray Scale Monitor
  • color monitor

2. (Printer) :

 Printer is an electronic device which is responsible for converting soft copy into hard copy from the computer.  By connecting to the computer, the printer transfers the received information to paper.  This paper output is referred to as hard copy, which serves as a tangible representation of the computer’s output.  Basically, the printer acts as an output device for the computer.

3. (Speaker) :

 Speakers are computer hardware output devices that enable us to listen to sound by connecting to our computer.  Different types of speakers are designed for computer connection, while others can be connected to any device.  The sound signals from computer speakers are generated by the computer’s “sound card”.

 In 1981, IBM created the first internal computer with less impressive sound quality. Previously, most monitors had speakers located at the bottom or front of the monitor.  However, nowadays, speakers are usually placed on both the left and right sides of the monitor.

4. (Projector) :

 A projector is a computer output device that displays images or videos on a white screen or wall.  It is usually used to explain photos or videos in detail.  With a projector, users can arrange the photos or videos displayed on the screen as per their liking.

5. Plotter :

 Plotter is an output device similar to computer printer.  Its primary function is to print vector graphics.  Plotters are commonly used to print large scale Maps, Graphs, Posters, Charts, 3D Print and much more.

6. Headphones :

 Headphones are an important output device for computers, which allows us to listen to the audio or video playing on our system.  It connects to a computer or any other device through a USB cable or Bluetooth.

7. Touch Screen :

 Touch screens are a convenient option for navigating a GUI (Graphical User Interface) operating system without using a mouse or keyboard.  It allows users to interact with computer devices by touching the screen to launch programs.

8. GPS :

 GPS is a space-based global navigation satellite system that provides reliable location and time information in all weather and at all times.

 GPS has three parts: –

  • Space Segment (Satellite)
  • Control Segment (Ground Stations)
  • User Segment (Receiver)

9. Sound Card :

 A sound card is a component inside a computer that provides audio input and output capabilities.  Most sound cards have at least one analog line input and one stereo line output connection, usually using a 3.5 mm Mini-Jack.  Some sound cards support digital audio input and output, either via standard TRS (Tip-Ring-Sleeve) connections or optical audio ports such as Toslink connectors.

10. Video Card :

 A video card, also called a graphics card or video adapter, plays an important role in creating and displaying photos, videos, and graphical content on a computer screen.

 Connecting to the motherboard, it processes and presents graphical data with dedicated memory and processing units.  This capability enables the video card to efficiently handle complex graphical tasks, significantly enhancing visual performance and quality, especially in gaming and multimedia experiences.

Conclusion :

 Friends, we hope so.  From this article you must have come to know what is Output Device – What is Output Device.  If you have any question related to this article, you can ask by commenting below.

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