What is PESTLE analysis?  Definition, Template, Analysis and Examples

Do you want to know what is PESTLE analysis?  Do you want to see and understand the Definitions, Templates, Analysis and Examples of PESTLE analysis?  If yes, then Al is at the right place.  We will give you all the information you need related to pest analysis.

 Gradually the meaning of doing business and its expansion is changing.  In such a situation, if these businesses do not analyze their work properly then they may have to suffer huge losses.  When any company has to make an accurate estimate of its growth or starts a new project, then first of all it has to analyze its business completely.  There are many ways to analyze things (inner + outer) in the field of business.  PESTLE analysis is one of these.  Let us tell you here that PESTLE analysis is a traditional framework of analysis.  So let’s start from the beginning:

What is PESTLE Analysis?

 PESTLE Analysis is a concept of marketing principle.  This tool is used by the company when it wants to analyze other external factors related to its business.  This includes political, economic, socio-cultural, technological, legal and environmental.  The company uses PESTLE Analysis to understand these factors better.

 The full form of PESTLE Analysis is:

 P – Political

 E – Economic

 S – Social

 T – Technological

 L – Legal

 E – Environmental

How to do PESTLE Analysis (3 Steps) :

 If you run a business then you can also do PESTLE analysis easily.  There are 3 steps to do this:

1. Know about different categories of PESTLE :

To do PESTLE analysis, first of all you have to understand about its different categories.  We have explained you very well about these categories in the table given above.  If you want, you can understand it better by reading them again.

There are total 6 categories in it, namely Political, Economic, Social, Technology, Legal and Environment.  We have given complete details above about what things should be kept in mind in these categories.

 2. Do research :

 Once you know well about PESTLE and its categories, do research.  This is the second most important step.  If you are completely new to PESTLE analysis then you will find the research work very difficult.  But we are there, we will tell you what things you have to keep in mind in research.

The first thing you have to do is to understand your business well.  Along with that, you have to decide which categories you want to include in the analysis of your business.  In this way you can also determine which are the external factors that affect your business externally.  In this way you can get an idea of how your analysis will be.

 Secondly, if you do not know from where you will get the information then you can search on the web.  The internet world has almost every information that you want to know and understand.  Along with this, if you want any other information then you can also comment below.


Once you have understood PESTLE analysis well, understood your business and finally collected information from the web, then you can easily do this analysis.  By combining these three things you can easily do this analysis.

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