What is phone reset or format? and What to do before resetting the mobile?

What is phone reset or format?

 When any kind of problem occurs in the phone and the phone does not work properly, then it is fixed by resetting it.

 With this your phone will be as it was when purchased.

 That means the internal memory will be completely deleted.  It’s like completely emptying a room.

 Meaning removing viruses and other unwanted apps from your mobile.  But in this process your important data also gets lost.

 Therefore, before resetting the phone, it should be kept safe.  This information has been given to you further.

 So in short you must have understood what resetting a mobile is.  Let’s talk further about why reset is done?  That is, under what conditions is it necessary to reset?

Why reset the mobile?

 You must have noticed that after using it for a few days, the performance of the phone reduces.

 Like – phone being slow, hanging, mobile responding slowly.

 Apart from this, popup ads suddenly appear on your homescreen.  This type of problem occurs due to virus entering the phone.

 In such a situation, resetting the phone removes the phone data.

 Then your phone will be as new as it was, that is, the performance of the phone will be the same as before.

 To avoid this, always install apps from Google Play Store only.  Be very careful while downloading video/mp3 from mobile.  Most of the viruses enter the phone from these sites.  Keep antivirus application installed in your phone.

 You must have understood why there is a need to reset the mobile.  But you should not reset again and again.  This reduces the life of the phone.  This also has a very bad effect on the performance of the phone.

What to do before resetting the mobile?

 If you have to reset the phone then do not rush in doing so.

  • First of all, you should check whether you remember the login password of your Gmail account or not.
  • After resetting, you will need your Gmail ID and password to sign in to the phone.
  • With this, your contacts and apps will automatically come to your phone.  (If you have saved the contact in your Gmail account)
  • If you have to reset the phone and you do not know the mail ID and password, then you can create a new account.  But whenever you create an account on your phone, note down the Gmail ID and password on paper and keep it safe.  This is very important to manage the phone.
  • Before resetting, you should save all the important data from your phone.  That means backup of important data should be taken.
  • Contact number, SMS, MMS are very important in our phone.  If the apps are gone then they can be installed again from Google Play Store, but if the contact numbers are gone then probably everyone will be in a lot of trouble.  Because these numbers collected one by one become more valuable to us than money.
  • So before resetting the phone, keep a backup of it.  And proceed for reset only after being 100% sure.  To know how to backup all the important data of the phone, read this post of mine.  Proceed only after this.
  • I hope you have read that post.  And you must have taken backup of all the important data.  So let’s move ahead and know how to hard reset the phone?

How to reset mobile best way

 Friends, now we will tell you the process of resetting the phone.  I hope you have read all the topics mentioned above carefully.  And before resetting, you must have taken a backup of all the important data.  Now we’re ready to reset.  This will take some time.

 The reset option may be different in different phones.  Here I will give you information about resetting Samsung mobile.  So let us know how to reset Samsung mobile?

 1. Open Settings

 For this, first go to your phone’s settings.

 2. Select Backup and Reset

 Scrolling down you will get the option of Backup and Reset.  Tap on it.

 3. Select Factory data reset

 Now tap on the Factory Data Reset option at the bottom.

 4. Tap On Reset Device

 Finally tap on the Reset Device option at the bottom.

 Congratulation !  Your phone will be reset in some time.  We hope you have understood how to hit reset.

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