What is technology?, types and benefits of technology :

What is technology?

 Technology is also called technology in Hindi.  When we use scientific knowledge to do any work in our daily life or in any industry, then it is called technology.

 That is, when we use science or scientific knowledge to do any of our work, we are using technology.

 To use technology, we usually use some special equipment which can be very simple or very difficult.

 Invention of the wheel, Smartphone, TV etc. are all types of technology.  We are surrounded by technology and use it every day.

Types of technology –

 As we learned that technology can be very simple as well as very complex, that is why many types of technology are seen.

 Following are some types of technology

  •  Mechanical Technology
  •  Electronic Technology
  •  Industrial and Manufacturing Technology
  •  Medical Technology

 Mechanical Technology → This includes mechanical equipment like wheels, engines, gears, belts, levers etc.

 Electronic Technology → This type of technology has become an integral part of our lives.  Under this, other electronic equipment related to electricity like AC, Fridge, Fans, TV, Radios etc. are included.  Which we keep using in our everyday life

 Industrial and Manufacturing Technology → This is the type of technology which is used to manufacture products etc. in various industries.  Like- the technology used to make Cars, Robots, Microwave, Fridges or any other type of products is Industrial and Manufacturing technology.

 Medical Technology → This is a technology which is used in the medical field.  Technology is used in the medical field for the purpose of diagnosis, treatment or prevention of disease.  As examples of this, we can see MRI scanner, ventilator etc.  Thus, many great benefits of technology can be seen in the medical field.

Benefits of technology –

 Technology has made human life very easy.  It has many advantages some of which are as follows

  • Technology plays an important role in making humans grow and develop rapidly.
  • Inventions and discoveries have made life easier, more effective and convenient.
  • Technology has connected the entire world and made the world a global village.
  • Technology is used in every sphere of life, it is a boon for mankind.
  • Technology has not only made our lives easy and comfortable but it has also contributed a lot to the development of the world’s economies.
  • The industry has also benefited from industrial technology.
  • Medical technology has produced many devices for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.  Diseases which were difficult to treat and diagnose are effectively diagnosed and treated with the help of technology.

Disadvantages of technology –

 Along with many advantages of technology, there are also many disadvantages of it.  which are of the following types

  • Excessive use of technological equipment’s and inventions has created various types of pollution.
  • Technology has isolated people socially.
  • The working class is suffering due to the advancement in technology as it has reduced employment opportunities.
  • Noise pollution has increased due to vehicle horns and noise from machines.
  • Natural resources are exploited to make technological equipment’s, which is a serious problem for the environment.
  • The use of machines and equipment has reduced physical activities which ultimately lead to health problems.
  • By using technology the world has created nuclear weapons and nuclear bombs which are extremely dangerous for the lives of humans.
  • Addiction to mobile phones and devices is very destructive for humans, especially the new generation.
  • Smart phones have left many negative effects on the new generation.

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