Why is ethical hacking needed? And What are the attack techniques of ethical hacking.

Why is ethical hacking needed?

 If you are wondering why there is a need for ethical hacking and ethical hackers, then let us tell you that today’s time is completely based on digital and internet technology, in such a situation, data and information are very important in every big organization.  Is important.

 In today’s time, we are getting many benefits due to digital and internet technology but it also has some disadvantages. One of these disadvantages is that the information and data present in the system can be compromised by using the hacking process.  It can be hacked which causes huge loss to the organization.

 Because of this, they have to keep their system secure so that hackers cannot hack their system and the information and data present in the system.  To keep the system safe, the organization needs a person who has all the information related to cyber security and who knows all the terms of hacking.

 Now you must have understood that ethical hacking is needed to identify the shortcomings of the system and ethical hacker is needed to keep the system safe.

What are the attack techniques of ethical hacking?

 This question must have come in your mind that with the help of which methods an ethical hacker attacks the system, then let us tell you that there are different ways to attack the system which are as follows –

 1. Brute Force Attack

 This is a very famous hacking technique which is often used by ethical hackers.  Under this, ethical hackers constantly try to find out the password of the system by combining alphabets and numbers. If the password is short, simple and weak, then ethical hackers can easily find out the password.

 2. Phishing Attack

 A person interested in ethical hacking definitely knows about it.  Under this, ethical hackers create a fake phasing website and send the link of that website through message, email etc. to the owners of the system and the people working on the system.

 Due to which, when they click on that link and enter the password of the system, then their password gets accessed by ethical hackers.  Due to which the ethical hacker can know how aware the system owners and the people working on the system are about cyber security.

 3. Keylogger Attack

 With the help of this attack, the ethical hacker tries to send Virus, Malware into the system, when he succeeds in sending Virus, Malware into the system, then the system completely comes under the control of the ethical hacker so that when any work is done on that system.  When this is done, its information gets transferred to the ethical hacker.

 4. SQL injection

 This is a very effective attack with the help of which ethical hackers try to access the database of the website of the system. Due to this, ordinary websites often get affected.  This is a very popular attack in which backend is used.

 5. Social Engineering

 Ethical hackers use it when they do not find any vulnerability in the system, then they read the minds of the owners of the system and those who have access to the system and make them do such work so that their system can be hacked.

 6. Cross Site Scripting

 This is a type of attack vector which is also called XCC in short form. Under this, the ethical hacker injects malicious code inside the vulnerable input field of any web application due to which the users are affected.

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